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Sig Sauer P365

About Sig Sauer P365

The SIG Sauer P365 was introduced in 2018 and it has quickly become one of the best micro-compact pistols. The pistol comes with a double-stack magazine, which takes in 10 rounds of ammo. The P365 is chambered in the popular 9mm Luger caliber. Incredible capacity, extreme compactness and great performance make the P365 one of the best concealed carry handguns.


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About Sig Sauer P365

The P365 is a striker-fired, semi-automatic, micro-compact pistol. It was first introduced at the 2018 SHOT Show as one of the most anticipated handguns in the history of firearms. The pistol quickly became a bestseller in the field of striker-fired semi-automatic pistols. Ever since its introduction, the SIG P365 has been fighting for the title of the best concealed carry gun, its main competitors being the Glock 43, S&W M&P Shield M2.0, or Springfield Hellcat. The pistol has become very popular mainly because of its ultra high-capacity.

The flush magazine houses 10+1 rounds of ammo, but extended 12+1 and 15+1 magazines are also produced by SIG Sauer. The P365 is chambered in one of the most popular calibers - the 9x19mm Luger. Although the P365 doesn't offer the firepower of full-sized handguns, it's still an ideal option for self-defense and it makes a great service back-up gun. There is a large variety of Sig Sauer P365 Holsters on the market.

The P365 boasts SIG Sauer's very own XRay3 Night Sights.  The sights system initially sparked some controversy, however, SIG Sauer managed to fix the main issues of the system and the second generation of the P365 delivers impeccable accuracy. Another great feature of the P365 are the pistol's ergonomics. For such a small handgun, the pistol's grip is very comfortable. The pistol is 5.8'' long, 1'' wide, and 4.3'' high, and it comes with a 3.1'' long barrel. At the weight of mere 17.8oz (when unloaded), the SIG Sauer P365 is one of the most compact and lightweight pistols ever produced. When these parameters are matched with the pistol's immense capacity and accuracy, it's quite obvious why many call the SIG Sauer P365 the best concealed carry gun ever produced.

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Type: Semi-Auto Caliber: 9mm Barrel Length: 3.6 in Rounds: 7 - 8 


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